hey i'm CAT and i draw anime fanart! i mostly draw TWEWY, but also Promare and Pokemon fanart.

please do not repost my art.
ask first if you want to use any of my work for icons/rp stuff! i'm most active on twitter if you want to DM me

terfs/pedos/racists FUCK OFF


you can call me CAT [short for SAUCECAT]

i'm a fulltime freelance artist, and am typically pretty busy. if i don't reply to dms it's not because i'm ignoring you, i'm likely distracted and working.

i am an adult but please don't approach me with nsfw topics / headcanons about characters and whatnot. i don't like nsfw content.

i rotate around a bunch of fandoms. this is what I'm currently vibin with,

☆ promare ☆
☆ pokemon ☆

these characters make my brain cell very happy and it's likely they're the ones i'll draw the most out of their respective fandoms

☆ sanae hanekoma [twewy] ☆
☆ sho minamimoto [twewy / neotwewy] ☆
☆ kaie ono [neotwewy] ☆
☆ gueira [promare] ☆
☆ meis [promare] ☆
☆ professor sycamore [pokemon] ☆
☆ piers [pokemon] ☆
☆ guzma [pokemon] ☆
☆ spark [pokemon go] ☆